Friday, June 10, 2011

The much anticipated 2011 ATTACh Conference Brochure is now available!

The excitement is in the air with the brochure release, which

highlights our 23rd Annual ATTACh Conference theme: “Attachment &

Trauma: Through the Eyes of a Child.” It is wonderful to have so

many people from all over the nation calling, emailing, and sending

requests for copies of our brochure. Clearly, the 22 previous ATTACh

Conferences have left quite a meaningful impression!

One gentleman even declared that he had eagerly awaited the Conference all year. He

was so confident that our workshops would be invaluable that he didn’t

need the schedule details; he just knew that he didn’t want to miss a

moment of the full event. Another past attendee emailed in

appreciation; he stated, “I’d like to thank you for a wonderful and

thoroughly enriching experience last year. I was very pleased with

both the quality of the program and good nature of all those with

which I had the pleasure of interacting. I trust you will provide an

equally worthwhile event this year and I wish you all the best toward

that end.” Truly, ATTACh has deep appreciation for all of the

continued support and devotion to education and

empowerment in overcoming Attachment issues and Trauma in children.

Your eager anticipation and lofty expectations will not be

disappointed this year either. We have a full list of critically-

acclaimed researchers, in-depth educators, and world-renowned authors

who are committed to sharing their understanding and revolutionary

discoveries about the healing process. The effective hands-on

techniques and insight they offer could be the turning point that is

so desperately needed in the life of one of our patients or one of our

children. We are so proud to present the wealth of knowledge and

ingenuity in our line-up of presenters, not to mention the opportunity

for parents and professionals to network together and support one

another in their joint efforts to be a driving force for


So, without further ado….

Please go to and click on the “2011 ATTACh Conference Brochure,” front and center on the Home page. If you have any
questions or concerns feel free to contact us. We would love to hear

from you!

Pat Ann St. Germain, Vice-President of Administration & the ATTACh

Board of Directors

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