Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why is he singing?

Taz has the habit of singing when he is upset. Years ago, I thought it was a sign of no conscience. He'd break something intentionally, take something or do some other thing upsetting and then start singing....I would be so upset at his lack of guilt feelings. One day I asked him why he was singing and he said he was trying to make himself feel better. Now I view the singing in a completely different light.

My point is not that Taz sings to make himself feel better. My point is about assumptions. Sometimes we think we know why a child is doing a certain behavior and assume the worst. Dig a little deeper. There may be something more pure under there.

Have a healing day!

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Erika said...

Questions are so important. I ask them because the experts tell me to ask them. 80% of the time I think I already know the answers. I am frequently wrong. My kids are always much better intentioned than my first assumption.