Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love Letters

I am working on scrapbooks for my twin senior boys, Fish and Teddy.  I am sorting through old photos. While doing so I came across three letters, one to each boy. I wrote them 3 hours before I met them. I completely forgot I ever wrote them. I gave them to them and stood by them as they read them. They were each touched, even Teddy in his own way. I have to admit to being a little weepy. 

If you've never done it, stop and write a love letter to your kids right now. Express how you feel, how you will be with them always and that you will help them achieve their hopes and dreams. Then fold it up and put it away until they are in high school. It meant something different to each child because they are each in such a different place emotionally. Teddy asked me to put it into his scrapbook because he wants everyone to see it. He wants people to know he has a mom who loves him.

Have a healing, loving day.


Mandy Watson said...

We have started a tradition of writing our children each a love letter each Christmas and leaving it for them in their stocking. Each year the letters get packed up in the stockings along with the other Christmas stuff and put in the attic. The next year when we get out the decorations we find the previous years letters. My six year old told me that my letter to her was one of her favorite things about Christmas. My recovering RAD 11 year old read his letter with an uncomfortable "lets move on to less intimate things" look on his face, but it was obvious to me that his heart was touched.

Brenda said...

Mandy that is a wonderful idea.. I'm going to copy it!