Monday, December 13, 2010

The Gospel According to Scrooge

Last night we went and saw The Gospel According to Scrooge at a local church. Over 200 people were involved in the production of this play which is a variation of The Christmas Carol.  In the beginning the pastor said to look for someone with whom you could identify in the play and see what feelings you have.

One scene depicted young Scrooge as a boy in an orphanage. This is one of the places where it varied from the movie. Scrooge talks about feeling alone and forgotten, like no one cares. The young girl talks to him about God.

At the end of the play I asked "Did you boys find anyone with whom you identified in the play?" There answers are classic. I could tell the play was getting through to Taz because he started squirming and fidgeting like you wouldn't believe. His response to my question was "No, not really." I would have bet you a million dollars (if I gambled) that this would be his response.  It does not mean he did not identify with anyone but that he did not want to talk about it.

Teddy's response was also classic. "Who do you think I would identify with?" I already knew he was wanting me to say Scrooge. I just said "Well Teddy, I can not tell who you would identify with, I can only tell who I would identify with." He said "Well, not really anyone."

The point here is that when something meaningful happens and they shrug it off don't assume it was a waste of time. It is all getting through. They are absorbing every bit. It will be worth it all.

Have a healing day.

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