Saturday, October 30, 2010

The value of exercise

We all know the importance of exercise for the average person. But what about for the child who has been through trauma?  It is so much more important.  They are stressed, possibly depressed and wound up tighter than a drum.

I took the boys on a hike today.  This is Teddy at the beginning of the hike. Look at his hands. This is how he walked the first half of the walk. This is how he has his hands most of the time.
About half way through the walk look at his hands.

Physical movement causes us to breath more deeply which makes us breath slower. This in turn slows down our hearts. Physical activity produces endorphins. The feel good chemical our bodies produce.  So if your kids won't get off the couch, get out there in the wide open spaces and move.

It doesn't just help them. It is good for me and improves my attitude too. Not that it needs it. But just in case :-)

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