Saturday, July 24, 2010

RADical wedding

Our oldest is getting married next month. We moved at the end of May. I started a new job June 1. My husband started July 1. No stress here.  And of course, RAD does not take a vacation.  We had company from our old town the other day. Teddy announced to her that "we boys pretty much take care of ourselves now. We cook all our own meals, do our own laundry (that part is true) and pretty much take care of ourselves." Interesting. I don't know what I am doing with my time. I thought I was cooking, cleaning, buying clothes, preparing meals, take them places....I guess I was wrong. He also has a Styrofoam cup from Sonic that he now uses all the time instead of ours. When our company was here I had him use a regular glass at the table. He was not happy. Don't tell him but his Styrofoam cup just sprung a small leak. I don't know what happened...maybe.

He is refusing to wear clothes that I buy. I bought him a new shirt for church as he wears the same long sleeved shirt every single Sunday even though it is summer. He insists on jeans and lined wind pants most of the time. I do know that this is due to a sensory processing disorder. They like things that are heavy. I bought him a new swim suit but it is "too short and too big". Surprise! Fine. Give it to one of the other boys. Good thing we have 3.

We have our oldest daughter's wedding coming up. I am sure it will be very tough for him. Because it is not about him. He will feel abandoned and ignored.  I will point out that he may have these feelings ahead of time, which will make him mad. That's OK. He still needs to know it is coming. If it is too much for him he can go for a walk. It is an outdoor wedding.  We will get through it. That is what we do.


waldenbunch said...

Brenda, how are you? You have been silent on your blog and I just wanted you to know I was praying for you today.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Just found your blog, and have been enjoying reading about you ... your family ... your upcoming new job.

We have our first family wedding coming up. Good to be on the lookout for the reactions by my little RADish.

Laurel :)