Sunday, June 27, 2010

Singin' the birthday blues

Fish and Teddy turned 18 today. In Nebraska the age of majority is 19.  I find that to be odd but it is what it is.  The last couple of years Taz has handled it pretty well.  This year I found that he cut the ribbing on the couch with a knife in 4 places.  Argh. I had him leave on his bike for awhile while I thought things through. At this point he was denying it was him. We had company from out of town coming in 2 hours. I ran to Wallie World and got fabric glue and some thread the color of our couch (out dated teal).  I  put glue into the cuts and then sewed them shut. You cannot see it. I had been thinking about getting a new couch as soon as we sell our other house but there is no way now. No way.  Taz is going to be a sophmore. I can wait a few more years.  When he got back from his bike ride he was settle down and said he was just bored so cut it.  It is hard for me to comprehend doing something like that. I can imagine no situation when I'd think it was ok. He did walk over to his closet and pulled out a pocket knife he'd found on the bike trail that he used to cut it. I'm still contemplating what he needs to do to make this up to me.  I told him it hurts because it feels like if he cuts my couch he is trying to hurt my feelings.  Sometimes I really understand my kids with RAD. Sometimes I have no idea.

I know all the theories. They have bene treated as disposable so they view everything as disposable. They are hurting so others should hurt.  Could be anything.


Linda N said...

How frustrating! ((((HUGS))))

peggysue said...

I can relate to your frustration. I had someone ask me today about RAD and as I was explaining it I was recalling the long list of things my daughter has colored upon . . . lamps, shades, walls, sheets, clothing, cars, furniture, herself . . .last week it was a handmade needlework pillow I had made for one of her siblings years ago. Why? She was mad at a consequence she had for a misbehavior so while she was throwing a tantrum, she also colored all over the pillow. . . great explanation. We've had her home with us for almost six years now and we've made progress, but having things destroyed still bothers me. I can relate.