Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letters to Juliet and RAD

Seems when we have kids who have RAD almost everything reminds us of it in some way. In the movie Claire, the woman seeking her long lost speaks of "What if".  She says something like "What if I had found Lorenzo years ago? What if I had not left him?  But then I think What if I had not come to find him now? What if I had not found you?"

The second is a great way to look at RAD,the first is what I tend to do at times.  I tend to get caught up in:

What if they never heal? What if they hurts someone? What if they become homeless? What if they commit a crime?

Instead I could think

What if they do heal? What if they learn to love? What if they can hold down a job? What if they do well?

I prefer, for today, to dwell on the second. I will continue to pray for it. I will hope for it. I will never lose faith in what God can do.


GB's Mom said...

Just a change of viewpoint- I love it!

Rose Adoption Journey said...

Thanks for the encouragement today. I am feeling that lately about my little RADishes! (they arent so little..going into high school). Happy Wednesday!