Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RADical move

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement! I appreciate them more than I can say!  I am sitting in Panera Bread working on changing the addresses on my magazine subscriptions. I have a mug of coffee and a strawberry scone.  These times to myself are vital to my mental/emotional health. I savor every second.  The weather has been gorgeous in Nebraska and I'm back to walking outside every day which also rejuvenates me, plus will be good for helping me lose my winter weight. Doggone that winter weight. 

We have everything set up to work with Neurocore as soon as the equipment arrives and we install our information.  I'm excited to see how it works. Teddy is actually pretty happy about it too. It is a way to change how his brain works without  talking through his feelings, past, future, etc any further. We have talked them to pieces and he can't/won't let go.  We'll see what this does. I have a good feeling about it!

We are in the most difficult stretch of the move. This is when we begin to say goodbye. We have already started saying goodbye to the professionals we have worked with for 17 years, dentists, doctors, car guy....yes. our car guy.  I went in to get my oil changed one day and there is our car guy and his wife waiting for me. They took me out for lunch while the other car guy changed my oil. Show me that in a big city!!

My internship here has been valuable as far as experience working in the future as a mental health counselor. It has also been great for giving me a better understanding of my kids with RAD.  A child with RAD cannot "behave" any more than someone with Bipolar can stop having mood swings. It is a serious mental disorder. The brain has been changed.  We don't need to love them more....we need to love them differently. I know many of you do not have access to attachment therapists, emdr therapists, or neurofeedback where you live.  Read, read, read. There is some great material out there that can make such a difference.

http://www.attach.org/ has a list of the most up to date resources.

Never, never, never, quit. And go have a cup of coffee and a scone. You need TLC too.


Lorraine Fuller said...

I will be reading anxiously to see how the neurofeedback works for you. Maybe it is something we can try in the future for our son too.

stellarparenting.com said...

gald to hear that you are taking time for you as well, good luck withthe move prep!

marythemom said...

Your car guy took you to lunch?! If Nebraska didn't have that cold white stuff so much of the time (as in ever) I might actually consider letting Hubby move us there. Moving is hard. Moving from somewhere you've lived for so long? with RAD kids? I can't imagine.

Mary in TX