Friday, January 15, 2010

Update and Conference Info

I just finished my first week of internship at a mental health clinic. I thought counseling was going to be much more relaxed and leisurely than it is. I am amazed by the pace and intensity of this job. I'm going to love it!

The kids are adjusting at home amazingly well. This is another sign of attachment. Normally change causes extreme anxiety in kids with RAD.  They have really gone with the flow. They have been really respectful of confidentiality and have not asked any questions that are inappropriate even though I didn't really discuss confidentiality much with them.

This morning Teddy got up and made me scrambled eggs, toast and coffee.  He did a pretty good job!   The last 3 days with him have been amazing. As he talks and shares I am amazed at some of the stuff he is saying that is so level headed and calm. I asked him who he was and where Teddy went!! : )

There is a therapuetic parenting seminar on Saturday April 24, 2010 given by ATTACH.  It looks like a great workshop! The price is only $35. I down loaded the brochure on the link with all the info. I WILL be there so if any one goes please let me know so I can meet you. 

Have  a healing day! Remember to refill your emotional gas tank. I am having lunch with a friend and then later coffee with another friend.

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Hannah said...

Oh, the conference is in Omaha! Darn it! If I still lived in Sioux Falls I would totally be there.

Have fun! Take notes. :)