Saturday, January 9, 2010


Taz had an emergency room visit yesterday. First of all let me say he is fine. 

I dropped he and Teddy off at the Y yesterday so I could get a couple of hours too myself.  We had Christmas break. They went to school a day and a half and have been off for cold or snow ever since. It is much too cold for kids to play outside. We live in a small town and the roads were drifted over leading out of town. The roads  should be fine now so I may run away later today. 

Anyway, Taz was going to go swim. He was going out for the high school diving team. He really did not get the hang of the movements and was getting into a lot of trouble at practice. After he punched somebody we took him off the team.  Teddy was going to go lift weights. 

I ran some errands, stopped at Arby's and got a cup of coffee and just sat down with a magazine. As I'm opening the magazine the phone rings and I hear "Taz hit his head on the diving board and needs stitches. Come right away." My heart stopped as I am picturing the worst. I get there and he walks out and with "hi mom".  It didn't look bad but I took him in and we spent the next 2 hours at the ER. He ended up with a couple of staples. He says 4. I haven't had the courage to look yet. I am as squimish as they come. But since I have to watch for signs of infection I'm going to have to look.

A couple of RAD related issues, none of them involving Taz other than his incessant nonstop chatter for 2 hours. But he was nervous so I'll give him that.  Teddy was with us. He was in the waiting room. When I came back after about an hour and sat down for a few minutes he did not ask at all what the doctor said or how Taz was. He just showed me a rug burn on his elbow and said he needed to put medicine on that.  When Taz came out and we got in the car Teddy didn't say one word to him, not one word. It is hard to comprehend the depth lack of attachment effects them. It really is.  When things like that happen, it still surprises me. 

Hopefully today will be ER free!

Have a healing weekend.


Jennie said...

OMG. whenever anyone else gets injured while Sissy is present, she instantly has some horrible physical issue too. She also has vaso vagal response to blood (passes out, cold!) so it is always a tense situation not because of the legitimately injured person but because Sissy makes it 10x worse to manage due to her anxiety and passing out issues! I don't get the link with RAD other than someone else's injury takes the focus away from her and she feels unsafe. She can't even watch America's funniest home videos because sometimes people get in situations where they might be injured (albeit, humorously) She runs away screaming, sometimes wretching! ugh. Curses RADs!

LemonyRenee' said...

I'm so glad Taz is okay. And sympathies for Teddy's sort-of chilling response. My daughter would have done the same.

It's looking to be a very, very trying day around here and I need to buck up and stand in my own shoes and be strong (and calm). I came here for a bit of a deep breath before "going in."

Here's hoping school resumes as normal next week.

Brenda said...

Jennie~Wow having her pass out would be a tough one.

LemonyRenee~We have had some tough days and suddenly we have calm today. Not sure where that came from unless Taz is a little subdued. He does have a headache. I hope your day turns out ok. Take some time for ourself this weekend if you can. I am probably going to run away tomorrow afternoon for awhile.

peggysue said...

Watch the headache . . . I'm not overly familiar with head injuries, but I do know they make me nervous. My son when he was small got injured at the Y too. I brought two of the kids with me and went into the locker room to change. While I was in there, he decided to step on a treadmill while it was turned up onto as high a speed as he could dial. He fell on his mouth and broke out his front teeth. Blood everywhere! Believe it or not, the dentist was able to glue them back in and there they remained until he was 17, although he did need a painful root canal. I don't do well with injuries either, you have my sympathies on feeling squeamish.

Brenda said...


Two of mine have wiped out on the treadmill but not been injured. I bet that was scary. They gave me a list of things to watch for. He is bouncing around like Tigger so he seems to be ok.

Tami Boesiger said...

I hope Taz AND Teddy feel better today.

Brenda said...

Thanks Tami, Taz has not complained of a headache any more today. I did make him stay in and take it easy though. Teddy is....the same.