Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surviving Christmas break

Whew! We have had some tough days. I have to say I have had many days where I have let my own fears and anger take over and been rude. A chance to practice what I preach and start again.  I have been having my personal quiet times in a book series put out by Women of Faith. This particular book is on Embracing Your Strengths.  There was a sentence in the lesson a couple of days ago I loved

"It takes some time and though to redirect our lives away from responding to the demands of everyday life and into the path of purposely living lives in which we feel fulfilled and satisfied."

I easily slip into just letting life happen. I respond to what goes on instead of taking charge of what goes on. This is not good for kids with RAD. It is not good for me. I have to go into each day with a plan on how I will respond. Our RADlings are so predictable. Why not use that to plan out how I will respond. 

We picked up or dogs at the kennel yesterday and Teddy had one of the leashes.The dog needed to stop and "go".  Teddy fell apart saying he was going to puke. This discussion went on forever.  I finally pulled myself together and when he said "If you make me do that again I am going to fill your car with puke." I said "Good idea. You do that." To which his mouth dropped open and he walked away. Discussion over. I knew to do that in the beginning and let things ramble on.  The point is to have conversations on purpose and not let them wander around in relationship distructive ways.

I had the conversation mentioned by Christine about ways they could make sure they ruin this Christmas vacation.  Taz, who has been healing much longer said "How about if we come up with ways to succeed?" Hurray for Taz.

So this morning we are going to sit down and plan out what they would like to do today.Then we will talk about what they need to do to get to do those things. We have  more snow than the north pole currently so I'm sure going out into the snow will be top of their list. They have built a very cool fort.

This evening my hubby and I are going to a town nearby and spending the night. We have wonderful fun, relaxing plans made.  This is our Christmas gift to each other.

Live life on purpose.


waldenbunch said...

Have a fabulous time with your hubby! You both deserve it.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Live life on purpose. Oh I love that! Good reminder and needed, thanks!