Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a pill!

I figured out that Taz has not been taking his meds. These are meds for some conditions other than RAD. We use a pill dispenser exactly like the one above. He would go into the kitchen and juggle them around to make the spot for the day empty so it looked like he took it. I started watching the container and figured out what he was doing. Why would someone do this? Psychiatric meds are viewed as "different" by most people. I ask him what he would think if a cancer patient decided to skip a few days meds or if a heart patient did this. He thinks it would be dumb. This medicine is just as important. The person he hurt most is himself. Was this a RAD reaction or a 14 year old boy who thinks he doesn't need it any more? I'm guessing the latter. It took us many years to get a fairly clear picture of what Taz's needs are. Now that we feel we have them we just have to make sure he keeps on taking the meds. Exhausting.


Christine said...


Mar has done this - even though it's just vitamins and supplements - but her's was because it was something Mom and Dad have asked her to do.

Either way - *sigh*

Brenda said...

Taz is convinced he doesn't need it. I think he thinks it makes him look "bad" or different. No one even has to know he takes it. It is all at home before he leaves. The difference on or off meds is phenomenal.

BT said...


SanitySrchr said...

It's a tough position for a parent to be me, I know from BOTH sides of the table. Speaking from my experience being on an anti-depressant most of my life, medication can be a tough, tough, tough subject to broach. I for one am ashamed that I even have to take it in the first place. It's not that anyone in particular knows about it, I know about it. Even now, especially now, at 31 years old, I have this fight.

Society has driven these medications down our throats...exhaustively driven it down our throats. The commercials for the little Zoloft dude, or any of the others now exposes conditions to a wide variety of people. Levetra, Viagra, and Cialis for ED are other examples. It's not uncommon for these conditions to now become a JOKE to society. These conditions are personal...very, very personal. I know that I don't want to feel reliant upon chemical alteration (drugs) in order to function.

The worst thing anyone can ever say to me when I'm having a bad day..."Did you take your pill today?" or "Someone forgot to take their pill today!" Now that I write this, I feel like a (insert explitive here) for doing the EXACT same thing to my son.

UGH! I feel for ya girl! I hope Taz comes around and realizes the hurt he's doing to himself.