Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a Brand New Day!

Every morning is a fresh start. Isn't that FANTASTIC!?! I work hard to restart my attitude, take time for a quiet time and rejoice that we get to try this again. I tell my kids "It's a new day. Let's start over and make it great". Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't.

We have 18" of snow in Nebraska. It is something or other below zero (does it really matter at that point?) We had 2 snow days and all activities were cancelled the last two days. That meant a lot of together time. Good for the kids but tough for them. Teddy reacted by pushing away. Yesterday when he started with his ranting and raving again "When I leave this stinking house I will never be back. You will never see any of your grandchildren. I'm going to sue you." It went on and on. After awhile he of course, felt guilty, because he has attached at least some to us. So then the healing conversation began.

He is a tough one that Teddy. He is 17 1/2 years old. He is nearing the age of being an adult. That has to be pretty scary to him. I told him the only person I knew who was sadder than me during that conversation yesterday was him. I felt bad for him. I said "You are so confused about it all." He was quiet. The conversation went on and on but I will end it by saying that today is a new day. We begin again. We start fresh. He will have opportunities today to make amends. There is always hope as long as they are breathing!

P.S. I have an excellent article I'd like to post but you can't copy and past with blog spot. Anyone figure out how to do this without just typing the whole thing again?


Julie said...

I usually don't have any problems with pasting into blogger. Have you tried copying it and then go to the edit HTML and paste it there? Then save and post.

Aren't we truly blessed that althouh we mess up on any given day that God forgives us? God also gives Mom's the blessing of Grace that we can give our families.

Brenda said...

Julie~Thanks! I will take a look at it! Yes. I need the chance to start anew just as my as our kids.

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

I love the new layout!

I'm not sure WHY, but there was a word that REALLY stood out to me in Teddy's ranting. He stated "You will never see any of your grandchildren." YOUR grandchildren. Yet another positive sign of attachment?

Brenda said...

Sanity Searcher~ Thanks for mentioning that. I do see signs of attachment. I think it is scaring him to death. I know when Taz started attaching his behaviors escalated. It is scary. I have no reason not to expect the same with Teddy!

Rachie317 said...

I thought I was the only person having trouble copying and pasting in blogger!! I can do it on my work computer, but not my home laptop which has a newer version of Windows I think...Please do share if you figure out a way to do it!

I have figured out that if you highlight a selection elsewhere and then right click on it, it will give me an option to "blog this" and then it will take me to a new post in blogger (since I set it to blog with blogger).

Brenda said...

Social Worker. I'll have to check that option out. Otherwise I'll just type it again I guess. I am going to check out the html setting too that Julie mentioned.

Diana said...

I cut and paste all the time. In fact, I usually write all my posts in a word processing program and then cut and paste them into blogger. Just switch from "Compose" to "Edit HTML" mode and it works just fine (there are tabs at the top of the window. You can also add links directly. For instructions on how, do a goggle search for "creating html links" and you'll find gobs of easy to follow instructions. You add these commands in the "edit HTML" mode of blogger as well.

Glad to hear there is progress. Yes, it is slow and yes they get terrified and regress, but it is happening. After a really good day yesterday, our evening was full of "I hate Christmas! I'm not going to let you tuck me in...and so forth...pretty typcial 5 year old insults.

Ha ha. He's going to sue you, eh? Yet another good sign. He can't wait to leave, but he'll still find some way to maintain that contact he so fears losing.