Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Morning America-RAD child returned to state

A friend just called me to tell me to look up Good Morning America's website and check out this article. This family has asked the state to take their child who has RAD back into the system. This is causing quite the debate on the website.  The state is telling the parents they must take the child back into their home.  My heart goes out to parents who are obviously living in fear. My thought is the state needs to offer them some serious support. It kind of appears to be an either/ or situation. They take him or they don't.

I'm sure this family loves their child with all their hearts. His diagnosis sounds complex.  I think the main concern of the state here needs to be getting the child the help he needs.  If in the home is not in his best interest, let alone that of his family, then they need to see he does gets more intensive treatment.


waldenbunch said...

Oh, wow. My blood is boiling and the memories overwhelming me. NO ONE understands unless they live in constant fear and tragedy. It's not about adoption vs. bio. I have both as do you. It's about the sickness of the child. If a bio child had a mental illness they would hospitalize and take care of him. The problem is that sometimes the best way to love is to let go. Absolutely, unequivocably. We did not disrupt but our daughter never returned home. She aged out of the system. These parents do not have other children. But what about those of us who do and whose children live in fear of their sibling. Tragedy. And it's the birth parents who are to blame but the adoptive parents that spend years and money and their lives trying to help, with no guarantee of a thank you or I love you. God help these parents. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...


My heart breaks for them all. The parents are not getting help, the child is not getting help.

J. said...

oh my, it is time that the state stepped up, perhaps this will help.

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

I feel their pain and feel sorry for the child too. It's a heart breaking scenario.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I saw the piece by chance on GMA and wondered what the state had offered in the way of support. It is so difficult sleeping with 1 eye open. I wondered if they were given full disclosure when adopting the child.
The state adoption services woman was way too emotional, a bit disturbing. The parents need heeps of help and financial resources if the child is brought back into the home.