Tuesday, November 17, 2009

RADdy Hoot!

Come on! Admit it! Now and then your little RADling says something hilarious. Taz came home in a foul mood today and I'm getting the brunt of it. He refused to talk to me. He comes and sits down at dinner.

Me: So tell me what is going on that you are treating me like crap today.

Taz: I'm not treating you like crap I'm just making it look like it.

??????????????????? How can I not laugh? He is sitting in his room thinking of something else to say currently. He is good at this by now so I expect him to pop out in a few minutes.

Also at dinner I noticed that Bear has worn the same hooded sweatshirt several days in a row.

Me: Bear is there a reason you are wearing the same shirt every day?

Bear: This is only the second day I have worn this shirt all year.

I lept from my chair with my plate and scooted back across the room with my chair.

Bear: What are you doing?

Me: Avoiding the giant lightening bolt that is going to come down and zap you for lying.

He begins laughing and says he was lying. He has made quite a bit of progress the last few days. He will always be my quirky boy but I'm quirky too so I don't mind!

Come on moms!! Be silly! Refuse to take it all so seriously. One I got from a book somewhere (I have no idea) is that I also start scrubbing my forehead when they lie.
Bear:"What are you doing?"

Me: "Did I forget to wash the word STUPID from my forehead?"

Of course, you have to change it up. Nothing so boring as comedy repeated to often.


matryoshka said...

LOL!!! Jupiter wants to know why I am laughing!!! Told her I got some new ideas!!

Rose said...

It's so true that using a little humor is very helpful. I provide childcare for an 11 year old boy with bipolar disorder who responds well to humor. Sometimes being a little quirky is an asset.

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

That is just too funny. Where do you have time or energy to think up such great responses? I just sit there and look stupid or laugh at the absurdity of the lie before calling the spade a spade.

Brenda said...


Sometimes goofy stuff pops into my head.

ali said...

laughter is how i get through everything! jackson has had a "girlfriend" for 3 months. he still doesnt know her last name or where she lives. he claims these are "details" that do not matter LOL(typical boy in some ways, i know)every day he comes home and someone says "so... whats her last name?"
"aww i forgot to ask!" and we all just bust out laughing. hes so odd lol

Brenda said...

Ali~ LOL! We have had a similar experience. We will run into someone out shopping and Bear will say "That guy is my very best friend". I'll ask who he is and he usually answers"I forgot his name". I think the girfriend who really isn't is a safe way to fit in without having to actually get involved. I prefer it stay that way a while~~

RADMomINohio said...

The girlfriend thing is hilarious. My RADling, who constantly has social issues, will tell me how this boy or that boy likes her. She said this morning "Jason is so wierd! I don't know why I dated him for those couple of hours." Hours?

Brenda said...

RADmom! Oh hands down that is the comment of the day!!! LOVE IT!

Becky said...

LOL. I love these. It took me a while to get where you all seem to be. Now I can see the humor in all but the most serious stuff, though sometimes it takes a little time.

My fav "rad"ish convo with my 9 yr old:
Me: "Jay, why are there dirty clothes on the floor?" (My mistake I know...should've just had him take them down."

Jay: "They aren't dirty."

Me:"Fine. Then you can wear them tomorrow."

Jay: "WHAT?!?!?! Then I'm telling everyone you made me wear dirty clothes."

Life's Mom said...

Just this past Sunday, we saw a boy at church with lots of blonde curly hair. She points and says "look - that boy has clown hair." Again I am left dumbfounded as to how to apologize for that. (Then we had yet ANOTHER long talk about not talking about people's appearance and how that could hurt their feelings.)

Brenda said...

Thanks for the chuckles this morning!

Rose Adoption Journey said...

Here are our "Jason-isms" as we call them.......

I think I have osteo-ferocious!
I think I pulled my hamster-strings!
I think I have a fever-splinter on my mouth!
I think I have a yeast "infrection" could you buy me some Mono Strap??? (he saw the commercial on TV)

Have fun smiling....

Oh and we say in our home when they lie....NICE TRY...lets do that again OR TAKE TWO!!

RADMomINohio said...

The Jason-isms are so cute! But it does bring up another kind of lie. The injuries/illnesses. Just this morning, when I asked Penelope if she was ready for breakfast (ie. dressed yet?) She said "I'm still in bed. I hurt my ankle." I said "How did you hurt your ankle if you are still in bed?" after a brief moment of smelling smoke from the gears in her head turning.. "Oh, well it happened yesterday. It popped and I also stepped wrong so... it hurts." That's not bad though, a year ago (pre attachment therapy) I got a call from the school nurse who told me that I needed to pick her up and take her to the doctor because she passed out in class. She had figured out over the past couple weeks if you overstretch, it can make you dizzy like you are going to faint. She had already tried the "passed out" trick on me. So during her first week of school and I get this call from the school nurse saying that her class was doing stretching in their seat exercises and she passed out in her chair. I said "Did she tell you that or did someone witness it?" "Are you sure she passed out because she likes to act like she passes out." The nurse was appalled that I wasn't taking this seriously - practically accused me of trying to brush it off because it was an inconvenience to come get her from school and take her to a neurologist. If she only knew how summer went at camp and how many times I had to leave work for fake injuries including meeting her at the ER because she claimed being allergic to bees and was stung "and forgot her epipen." She doesn't have an epipen! But I digress. Anyway, I promised I'd take her to a neurologist.. but didn't. Sue me. A day of rest in bed, not allowed to move, read, play, watch tv or anything - all in case it causes her brain to make her pass out again seemed to cure it.

Brenda said...

Rose~ Love the Jasonisms. I'm glad you wrote them down. I wish I had done that over the years.

RADmominohio~We have had similar situations only with vomiting. Taz knew when he was younger that you get to go home if you vomit even if you have no fever. So he he went to the nurse often with "I threw up". I told her he had to throw up and have an adult see it. Teddy Bears illness have always been very dramatic like your daughters. After PE he would go to the high school nurse "because he was sure his bone was broken and about ready to come out through the skin". I found a "What can I do to help?" from me seemed to instantly cure it because they did not want me to be involved.

Life's Mom said...

RADmominOhio - we have the same issues with Life. She faked fainted this past summer and got an EKG out of the deal. I knew all along she was faking, but couldn't prove it. She had to lay on the couch for about 8 hours while the rest of us had a cookout outside - we were waiting for the EKG results. She finally confessed. She goes to the school nurse ALL.THE.TIME. They are onto her though, so she usually just gets a hug or a bandaid. They know not to make a big deal of it. Our school really is quite patient with her and her antics.

A few weeks ago she also coughed until she vomited a little - I still think it was fake, but who knows. We just keep rewarding the good behavior and consequencing or ignoring the opposite. We try to be sure she gets more attention for good behavior.

She also tears holes in her beloved stuffed animals and then wants me to fix them. I used to fix them, but now I don't. I just say something like "he doesn't have to be perfect for you to love him. You can just love him with a hole." Now she just pretends her stuffed animals are sick. I am constantly "baby-sitting" a sick stuffed animal. She also takes them to therapy with her for their "shots."

Life's Mom said...

I thought of another funny story. Life has very little perseverance -she wants to quit everything before it is done. She was trying to quit something a little early and I said something like "We are "Smiths" and "Smiths" never quit." Now this was before her adoption was final, so she answered back - "well I'm not a Smith yet - I'm a Jones - and we Jones' quit stuff ALL THE TIME." She dumbfounded me again - I think I said - well how is that working out for the Jones'? She agreed not too well and she did persevere.

RADMomINohio said...

Life - I swear our girls are peas in a pod! I would have typically had taken her to get her head checked out, but she had just spent 10 days in the hospital due to RAD/ODD and had tests done to determine there wasn't anything wrong with her brain that was different that RAD to cause her symptoms (murderous rage specifically). Penelope used to go to the nurse all the time and they get it now. It took a while - at first it was "Mom doesn't care," then "okay..maybe she is either making this up or causing her own injuries but I can't NOT take it seriously" to handling it like yours and only calling me when she is on the fence or to let me know what transpired. I just told the teachers to tell her that she only gets one visit a day to the nurse - which ended up solving the issue. Still goes a lot comparatively. But I think we are down to once every other week or so.
She use to be bad about the vomiting too! I told the nurse she is an excellent vomiter - can do it on command. She has come home once this year for vomiting - and she was actually sick. But when she isn't doing well emotionally she will make herself sick to her stomach during pill taking in the morning. She will say how her breakfast has hair in it or her milk is spoiled etc until she starts to gag. She did it on purpose! She has thrown up her pills a couple of times. I started waking her up with a glass of water and her pills until that stopped. Her brain didn't have time to come up with ways to gross herself out.
She also had a bunny I bought her that she sleeps with til this day. I've had to perform "surgery" numerous times when she was the sickest. And she did the same thing - put Ace bandages on it and talk about her being sick and taking her to her doctor/therapy appointments. A bunny rabbit doll named "Charm", a baby blanket called "Silky" - held by an 80 lb 11 year old. Sweet child.
I love the perseverance story. It's amazing how perceptive kids can be about there life once they realize it's not their fault. We just got home from our weekly trip to AT and the lead AT was trying to get her to talk about her week but she was using one word answers. I brought up how Penelope and I talked about Penelope being more involved in these conversations because her ATs are here to help her. We acknowledged that she isn't a big fan of this part of her therapy. Her lead AT asked why she didn't like it. Penelope said. "Because you hurt my feelings." She asked her how she hurt her feelings. She said "When you tell me things that are the truth but hard to hear, sometimes my feelings get hurt." I was impressed. She recognizes that even though it hurts, she has gotten stronger. She is always skipping out of her sessions like a weight has been lifted knowing that she has gotten through it is stronger for it.

familygregg said...