Monday, November 9, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is a time when we express thanks. Honestly, I let Christmas stress me out. I'm going to work on that this year. I love to hear people talk about what they appreciate instead of what they want. Most of what we want in this country is such a luxury.
If you've been with me awhile you will remember our "Wall of Gratitude". We have a memo board on our fridge. We use it for a variety of things but I occasionaly write "Gratitude" or "I am thankful for.." and everyone starts writing. I usually start it. As family members walk past and think of something they add it to the board. When it gets full we start over.
It takes some positive thinking to be thankful. Kids with RAD may have a tough time with this. I put no pressure on anyone to add to it. After a few days you may be surprised to see that your child with RAD may have added one thing. It may be superficial but they tried!
Having a thankful heart does not come naturally in our self centered society. Hopefully we don't just take one time a year to remember to give thanks. It is great to focus on it this month though. I want to remember to be thankful as well as teach my children to give thanks too.
What does your family do to focus on a spirit of thanks?


SanitySrchr said...

That's a really cool idea!!! I love it!

matryoshka said...

I like it too. Every week in Sunday school the teacher asks our pre-k and k kids what they were thankful for this week. Every week Jupiter raises her hand and says she's thankful for her cat. Of course Jupiter won't be able to write most things for awhile yet. Although she can write cat :)