Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RAD wiring is so weird.

Just last week Bear was picking out a new family and wanting us to sign papers so they could adopt him.....without ever having met them. I'm not sure if they ever knew about the whole thing or not. Last night he announced he would like a laptop for Christmas. I told him that was a bit pricey for our budget and he said "Just cash". How can I not smile.....The lack of cause and effect thinking is so evident in our kids. I will put it in terms that are completely unscientific. If one of you can explain it better please feel free to do so.

The way our children's brains have been wired is similar to if an electrician were trying to wire a house during an earthquake. Some of the wires are connected incorrectly, some are just left with no connection at all. Trauma does that.

When Taz started trusting this is the one area, lack of cause and effect thinking, that I saw start to fall into place quickly. It is like the world suddenly started making more sense to him. Never, never, never quit. Bear is 17. He won't heal today, maybe not tomorrow, but I have faith it will happen.


Diana said...

LOVE that electrician trying to wire a house during an earthquake annalogy. I'm going to have to use that one - repeatedly!

I did a post over on my blog about suriving the holidays, BTW.

ali said...

love love LOVE your fall backround!
and.. yah. here too. he cant count money, but for a career he is going to move to NYC and play streetball for... you guessed it! MONEY! OY.

matryoshka said...

absolutely no cause and effect whatsoever. It helped when I started to get that the brain wiring was different..she wasn't TRYING to be that's just the way her brain works.

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

YA! (Sorry. That is all I've got to say.)