Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family Focus

I've had a lot on my mind these days. I'm busy setting up my internship which seems to be done. It looks like what is going to work out best for my family is for me to do my internship here in our town at a mental health clinic. This will give me a broad base of learning and experience. When my internship is done I will then seek out training in attachment therapy. I will decide at that point what place and time works best for us. It will be about a year from now. I begin my last term of classes on Monday which is such an exciting thing to say!! It will not be an easy term but it should be an interesting one. I will be taking Case Planning and Marriage & Family counseling.

Tomorrow I leave with Fish for college visits. We will be gone until Sunday afternoon so this is my last post for a few days. I am greatly looking forward to getting away. Driving clears my mind. And I look forward to spending some time with Fish. He is a really fun kid. I will get to see Dancer on this visit and that is always fun too. She and I have always been so similar in temperament that she is an easy person with whom to hang out!!

I write these things for a couple of reasons. 1) to tell you I'll be gone for a few days! 2) Focus. I read a few days ago on someones blog about focusing on RAD. I've read so many of your blogs the last few days that I honestly don't remember which one it was. But someone left a comment....I think it was Becky Jo but I'm not sure...about focus on RAD.

I have stated this before but it may be time to state it again. My one concern in writing a blog that focus' on RAD is that it will put TOO much focus on it. I do not want any of you to think that I spend my days thinking about it. I have a husband and FIVE kids, not just the two. Each of them is important to me. I have my relationships with my friends who are also important to me. I try to take care of myself and exercise, go to grad school and sometimes even throw in fun.

My purpose in writing the blog is that moms' have a place to go to feel understood. I hope you feel that. I also think it is important that we each share what we know and our experience. I think by reading a variety of blogs you can gather a ton of information on RAD. It is a tough road and we need each other. But for today......remember to focus on your other relationships and on taking care of yourself. Life is not about RAD even though it can become all consuming. Don't let it consume who you are!

"See" you Sunday!


Mom 4 Kids said...

Great post! Such good reminders and sharing!

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Please know that my comment was not directed at you or anyone in particular. I was speaking as a parent who also deals with RAD that over-focusing on RAD can be a tendency for those of us who have it in our lives. It can be overwhelming and all consuming at times. I do appreciate your blog and all the other blogs that include RAD issues and help for RAD on them. My point was not intended to be a dig at anyone but merely a reminder that somehow we need to have a life and focus on faith issues first and not make RAD our whole lives. Please do not be offended. I talk about RAD often too. :>)

Brenda said...

Oh no, Becky I didn't take it as meaning me. I thought it was an important point to make and wanted to follow up on it. I thought about copying and pasting your comment but couldn't remember where it was.

Brenda said...

Reading your blog and the posts has helped me in so many ways, even before we had a child. Our RADster moved in just over 2 months ago, but having read your blog, books and other material to load up my tool kit has helped me through many struggles. We have made more progress than I could have hoped for, and I thank people like you who share their very "real" life for people like me to learn from. Thanks for all you do!