Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hurray for our Kids

What a week!! Life is ever changing and always on the go isn't it? I guess there is no reason to be bored!!

Our week in a nut shell.

Eagle: Seems to be doing well and is happy in her life out on her own.

Dancer: Seems happy with having changed her major to Sociology/Social Work and is doing well in classes.

Fish: I SO conscientious about his grades. I appreciate that.

Bear: Did finally admit he might need some help with math if he is going to pass the exam to get into the army in the spring. We'll see if he will accept the help now.

Taz: Great IEP. Has been very affectionate this week which moms always love!!

How was your week? No matter how bad it got, look for the good in your life and in your child's life. It may be hidden away but it is there.


Julie said...

our week has been very long . . . nothing really bad, just long.

Brenda said...

Julie~Those weeks are tough. I hope this coming week looks up.