Friday, July 31, 2009


We join a small pool at a country club each year. It is the same cost as the big public pool but only a couple of blocks away. There are a lot of good things about this little pool. The lady who runs it is a high school teacher who is strict. It is close enough the kids can run up, come home for awhile and go back easily. Most kids in town want the big city pool with water slides and diving boards so there are not many there. Great for kids with RAD. When the kids were little I went with them. Now I will let Taz or Bear go one at a time.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon the teacher who runs the pool calls and says that Bear has hives and she wanted to make sure someone was home. He comes home with appears to be heat rash. It went something like this:

Bear: Mom, K--- says I have hives.

Me: Let me take a look. It looks like heat rash to me.

Bear: NO. K says it isn't.

Me: Take some allergy medicine and her is some hydro cortisone cream to help with the itching.

Bear: I think it might be because of all that fungus I touched the other day.

Me: What fungus?

Bear: When you made me wash that dish. (He had to wash out a dish from the frig that had some mold on it) I told K about it and she said that could be it.

When Taz is sick he likes all the attention he can get. He likes for me to snuggle the blanket under his chin and feel his head. Bear says the blanket is scratchy and readusts it. He says my hand feels cold (or hot) and he just wants me to leave him alone.

There is no trust.

I wonder how God feels when I don't trust him.

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Miz Kizzle said...

Gotta love these kids. It's obviously heat rash. My kids are regular old kids without RAD or anything else but they too will take the word of other adults over me, especially if the other adult's opinion can be spun to make the problem appear to be my fault.
Unless the dish was crawling with pathogens and your son had an open wound there's no way the "fungus" could have caused his skin problem. And now this teacher/pool supervisor thinks your kitchen is a breeding ground for filth and pestilence. Lovely.