Saturday, July 11, 2009

Medicaid and your child

If you are the parent of a child who has Medicaid as secondary or as their main insurance, you might want to check what is going on in your state. In Nebraska new rules and regulations have passed limiting who can work with Medicaid clients. You can read this article in the Lincoln Journal Star if you are interested. It is so difficult to find services for our kids as it is, I cannot imagine making it harder. I feel for those parents just starting out trying to figure out how to find services in our state.

As a student I am trying not to worry about this. I have 6 months until I start my internship and then several months before I become provisionally licensed. Who knows what the laws will say then? If they remain the same I will just have to work hard to find internships and provisional placements. So be it.

As a parent, I find the trend alarming. Check what is going on in your state! If you live in Nebraska and feel so inclined speak to your senators about the difficulties as a parent and state your concerns.

Have a healing weekend!

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