Monday, June 29, 2009

Hubby update

His surgery went fine. He had a large tear and some damage to the bone from them rubbing together due to the tear. They fixed it all. We are still at the hospital as he was numbed from the waste down so can't use his legs yet. Hopefully he will be home in his recliner soon. At this point he still has the IV. Thanks for the prayers.

And yes this has made RAD lift its ugly head. Bear is angry but not acting like he cares one bit what is going on with dad or me. He didn't ask about dad when I got home and when I told him dad's surgery went well he just changed the subject. Taz has been concerned but is acting out and called me a fool. Just have to remember that fear lies under it all.

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One Future At A Time said...

"Fear makes the tiger bigger than he really is"

German Proverb