Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Using your families past to heal RAD

I have been sorting photos. It is time to start working on some scrapbooks for Bear and Fish. I have started but I am a long way from done. It is not one of my favorite activities. I am not crafty. Anyway while sorting I came across photos of when the boys were little. We began visits with them on Labor Day almost 11 years ago. They moved in on Dec. 4. They were 3 , 6 and 6 at the time. They were soooooooooooo cute.
Looking through the old photos was good for me for a couple of reasons. It really brought back the warm fuzzies as I looked at them sitting on my lap at various holidays and family events. I realized what a long family history we do have with them.
Then I wondered how much of the time do I talk about this. I need to talk about "remember when..." fondly with them. "Remember our family trip to Minnesota and we went to the zoo and saw the koalas?" They need to hear we value those times. Yes. I know. I know. They sabotaged many family times over the years. We can still find events that were meaningful and talk about them.

Tomorrow we have some outings planned. I will stick the camera in my purse and take photos when I can. They need to know I value time together. Taz and Bear will fight. They will try to aggravate. I will say "Cheeeeese". Building memories with our cameras, making scrapbooks and reminiscing. Very bonding for them and for me.

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