Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Carole

Ghost of Mother's Day Past: Scene opens with 2 angry boys getting out of bed. Neither mentions it is Mother's Day but begin yelling at Mom over any discomfort or problems they had during the night or with breakfast. They fight each other and begin punching and hitting. One or both of their glasses are broken. Taz stomps off to kick the walls in his room. Bear begins to yell about what a mean Mom I am when I ask them to stop fighting. He stomps off to his room and isolates himself. Picture mom walking off with tears in her eyes thinking how much she hates Mother's Day and wondering what she can do to help with their fears. She tries talking about their feelings about thinking of birth mom on Mother's Day which is met with mocking and angry laughter.

Ghost of Mother's Day Present: I am greeted by each immediately with Happy Mother's Day!! Bear gives me a paper he drew of the words Happy Mother's Day Mom written in little time consuming trees. He did this because he knows how much I like trees. Side note: that may sound weird but I really do like trees. They are very excited about my gift which ends up being a small bistro set for the deck. Taz and Dad spend some time putting it all together for me. All of the boys decide to sit together as a family for Mother's Day at church. Usually Bear and Fish sit with the youth group. We get home and Taz builds a fire in the fire pit. We roast hot dogs and make smores. Hubby and I decided to go to Star Trek. I go to get in the car and he is in the little one.....I thought the whole family is going. He says "Oh well, which ever way you want." I normally LEAP at the chance for alone time with the hubby, but this time WANTED the boys to come too. We went together to watch Star Trek and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ghost of Mother's Day Future: "I know the plans I have for you,says the Lord. Plans for hope and a future."....the future is as bright as our imaginations folks. Never, never, never quit!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I was wondering if there could ever be a Mother's Day where there wouldn't be the ghost of the past controlling the day. You've been an inspiration and hope!

Brie said...

Fantastic! I'm so happy you had a peaceful Mother's Day! You so deserve it!