Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Week of School

Our school gets out Wednesday at noon. Taz has been in a lot of trouble at school. He gave a teacher a hard time and when I went in the poor frazzled man verbally let me have it. I stood my ground but did not make a big deal of it. Taz can take down the strongest and the desperation was all over the poor man's face. I recognized myself in that look!

I am already packing the rest of the week with a WWII museum and strawberry picking which will then lead to making strawberry preserves. Keep those hands busy!

One of the more humerous quotes in one of James Dobson's books (I don't remember which one) is about his mother. She came and spent the day watching his children when they were young. When he and his wife arrived home she said "If you let those kids get bored you desreve what happens to you." : ) I try to remember that! Have a healing day!

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