Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Role Playing Therapy

Last night in Group Therapy class we role played a family in therapy. Our prof was the therapist. She is actually the director of a group home so knows her stuff. She chose me to play the 16 yo......I pretended to be Taz and just took it down a notch or two to try and be "regular defiant" rather than "RAD defiant". I learned a few things: I really did not hear some of what the therapist said because I was thinking about how to blame mom, bug the sister and brother and stop the therapist from blaming me. I sometimes agreed with the therapist in order not to look bad. I sometimes agreed to get her to move on. I sometimes agreed so she would stop talking to me. I felt myself emotionally escalating as I tried to prove my point....Great experience. I'm sure my emotions were no where near as strong as my kids when we were in therapy but I think I will be a lot more understanding of the position in which they are placed the next time we attend. What is that old saying about walking a mile in someones shoes?

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