Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alcoholics Anonymous

As a part of the Group Processes class I am taking we were to attend a group of some kind for 8 weeks. I have gone to six AA meetings so far. I am adament about holding their rule about privacy and will not discuss any individuals or their situations but would like to discuss AA in general. First of all here is the link to Alcoholic's Anonymous This has been a great learning experience for me. This is a place where people who have had lives altered by the use of alcohol can find complete understanding. They receive helpful information, support and, from what they say, great strength in battling their alcholoism. These people who have attended for several years seem so wise. They have truly dealt with life's "stuff" and know they need to be there and work to stay sober. If you or a loved one have difficulty in your life because of alcohol check out the website and please consider attending a meeting. There are closed meetings for people struggling with alcohol only. There are open meetings for anyone wanting to attend and learn more. I have been attending an open meeting and was received with open arms. I have made friends for a life time and am honored to be a part of their group. I may not attend each week when my class is done but I will be back for sure as I have learned much and really look forward to seeing these friends. If you are wondering if alcohol is a problem for you and you may be an alcoholic please check this website as well. It has the C.A.G.E. assessment which is commonly used as one of the beginning steps in diagnosing Alcoholism. If you're score indicates there is a problem you should check further into it with either a professional counselor or AA.

I am leaving for a Women of Faith conference. Have a healing weekend.

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