Monday, March 9, 2009

Finding a psychiatrist

We have been on a journey of about.....9 years of finding a psychiatrist. Maybe I'm picky. I don't think drugging my children into zombies is treatment. I don't think switching medication every time we come is treatment. I don't think upping the dose beyond the recommended amount is treatment. So I thought since we have gone through several, and today found one I really liked, I'd give a few tips. If you have some PLEASE by all means share as I think this is of major importance. This sort of medication is loaded with side effects. I believe therapy is always the first treatment. I think all other avenues should be explored before giving into medication for behavior in children. But it has its place. Enough said.

1. You don't have to wait for months to get your first appointment.
2. She listens carefully to what you say and writes it down.
3. She addresses you and not just the child.
4. She gives you sufficient time to go over things in great detail.
5. She agrees that she does not believe in over medication.
6. She does not change medication each time you come.
7. She does not keep upping it until you are concerned. Most medication has a website, such as Read for side effects and look at the dosage. Do not trust that a professional will stay within the recommended amount. I have had them go over and I refused to give it or go back.
8. They show respect for other professionals you may speak of : therapists, teachers, psychologists
9. They can converse with you intelligently about RAD.
10. They do not immediately assume all past diagnosis are wrong.
11. They deal mainly with children/adolescence and seem knowledgeable about the difference between kids mental health issues and those of adults.

Have a healing day!


Lorraine said...

I so get this! We had a hard time finding one, then we did and she left the practice and we don't know where she went. We also have a hard timt finding counselors. The last one was a disaster. She claimed to know about RAD, but then wanted to talk to my son without me in the room. When I mentioned we were having issues with lying, she said (in front of him) that it was a normal thing. The she asked him to tell her his stories. I left him alone with her once and he bragged all the way home about the lies he told her. We did not go back to her. We are still looking!

Brenda said...


Oh my goodness. That is HORRIBLE. I hope you find a good one! I was thinking of writing about finding a good therapist next. After you wrote this I WILL! Thanks!