Thursday, February 12, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I think a magazine uses that line. I don't remember which one. Yes. The above photo is me snorkeling. The photo didn't turn out quite how I had planned! It is easy to become so serious with RAD around the house. It is easy to become overwhelmed, frustrated and totally absorbed by it. DON'T DO IT! Take time to laugh. Whether at yourself, with your spouse or with friends it is important to find the laughter in your life.

The other night Taz and I were driving our hour drive home from counseling. He said one of his friends was thinking of becoming a chef.

Me:"That could be really interesting."

Taz: "yes. Probably at Runza" (Fast food place)

Me: (smiling on the inside) I think they just hire cooks.

Taz: "Oh Yeah. More like KFC."

Me: (nearly about to burst) "welllllll maybe a little fancier".

Taz: "Oh yeah. Village Inn. Yeah. Like Village Inn."

Me: (enjoying this conversation!) "Maybe more like that."

Find laughter in your day!


Karen Deborah said...

It was Art Linkletter, and now you know how OLD I am.

Denise said...

Lookin' Good Brenda!!! I bet you wish you were back there again instead of sitting at home watching a snow storm roll in. LOL Have a Happy Valentines Day!