Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RADvicious fighting

Yesterday for Taz's birthday one of his gifts was jeans and a shirt. I know, every 14 year old boys dream gift. Oh well. It is so hard to dress this child so he looks nice. I feel like I try and then he ends up looking very sloppy most of the time. I haven't put my finger on it. Could it be the uncombed hair, the crooked glasses, the dirt smeared on the pants? I don't know. Anyway this new outfit from American Eagle looked sharp! These pants fit him PERFECTLY. He is excited to wear his new clothes to school today. So off the three boys go to school. Fish drives them every morning and I had set down in the recliner and was digging my way through Clinical Asssessment notes. The phone rings. Bear has punched Taz in the mouth and there is blood all over. Taz went into school and they were on their way to the high school. I could hear Bear yelling in the back ground. What am I supposed to do from here???? I told him just to get to school. I figured he needed to get out of the car and away from Bear. So in the spirit of frustration I am going on a mental break to Antigua. Care to join me?

My husband and I coming back in from sailing.

On of the most romantic days was when Hubby and I went on a Sunset Cruise. It was beautiful.

This is a picture of the Sandals resort from the balcony of one of the bigger buildings at the back. I cannot say enough good things about Sandals. Clean, excellent food, great all inclusive features, safe. I could go on and on.

The photo at the top I took one morning when I went to walk on the beach before breakfast. The rainbow was a pleasant surprise. There was usually a little short shower each morning and evening and then beautiful weather the rest of the day. Ahhh. I feel better now.


Story of our Life said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with me...us...your blog readers!! Awesome. Truly put a smile on my face this morning after having had such a rough evening. Thanks!!

Simply Moms said...

HA! That was funny!

Simply Moms said...

Seriously funny, Brenda. I laughed out loud!

Rick said...

Where's the pic of your big toe?

Christine said...

So sweet of his brother to find such a creative way to say, "Screw your new clothes!!"

So far the birthday has just had a lot of nervous energy. One child spent most of the morning on the mini-tramp. The other has just wiggled themselves to death (they're currently "boxing it out" on the Wii Fit).

Speaking of - the Wii Fit is soooooooooo great for my RADlings! Mar Mar can hop on and do some yoga to calm down. They can do aerobic activities on days like today when they have to physically work through their emotions, etc. It's also keeping track of weight loss and exercise for my husband and I.

I think it should be a medical tax deduction for families with special needs kids (and the grown-ups who parent them)!! :)

So, are things better now?

Brenda said...


Things are better. They are at school! ; )


Fine. Tomorrow.