Thursday, December 11, 2008

RAD Christmas Spirit

Oh we are kicking it into a high gear. I have received 2 letters from the principal so far this week on problems they are having. I prefer not to go into details but...UGH. I have received one phone call saying Taz stole a cookie from the lunchroom that was supposed to cost extra. He was sleeping on the floor this morning when I went in. A sure sign things are not right. Poor Bear is hurting so badly emotionally that he insists he coughed out part of his throat tissue. Since I told him he may have bronchitis and should go to the doctor today he has not coughed even once. It has been eating him up that Fish had bronchitis a couple of weeks ago and "Got" to go to the doctor. He has been coughing whenever I'm in the room ever since. I emailed the school nurse who said she hasn't seen him at all. He is usually a regular attender so it must be a need for sympathy. I feel so bad for my boys. They hurt so much and yet express their hurt in ways to push me away as hard as they can. I have class tonight so will work on leaving some little love notes around for them to find this evening. They just have to make it a couple more weeks through school. I know it will escalate. Hang on moms! The roller coaster is going down! Put up your hands and scream! Then find ways to make your RADling feel safe. Find humour in your day. Find projects to do together. I'm going to look for some paint by number or such when I go up for class tonight. Have I mentioned I LOVE SuperTarget? Some quiet evening projects to do together have to help. RIGHT?!?!? Instead of healing days right now, we need to work on giving them comforting days. You are safe. I'm not leaving. I love you!


The Accidental Mommy said...

Wow, you are so right on! My daughter starts to show signs as the "coaster goes up," and I nearly always find her sleeping on the floor during this stage. She starts toe- walking too, and even though I might put her back in bed (and she started the night there), I will find her back on the floor. Amazing the things I find out other kids do too!

Brenda said...


You are the first person I know who has had this happen too! NICE TO MEET YOU!! : )