Thursday, December 11, 2008

Be Good to the Mama

I'm sitting at Panera Bread before class looking up the last few terms for the flash cards I am making for my Psychopathology final on Monday. I had a yummy Chicken Chopotle Sandwhich, soup, and apple and of course Diet Coke. It is so relaxing here. Hubby and the boys are all at a swim meet. I hate to miss but have to go to class. I have Fish's photo button pinned to my sweater in support and made sure he knew I'd have it on. I did a little Christmas shopping before coming to dinner. Pre holidays are tough with RAD, be gentle with yourself. Take time to relax. The title above is actually addressed to the moms. When the kids are this demanding we have to step up our self care. Our hearts need time to rest, heal and recover. Be good to yourself. You family is counting on it.

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Lisa said...

Amen! Good luck on your test. I'll bet you'll ace it!