Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love Sunday. It is a time of refreshment, healing and learning. We head out the door. Sometimes there are disagreements in the car and we feel like hypocrites by the time we get there. But God forgives hypocrites too and we'll try to do better this Sunday. As we walk in it is renewing to see the smiles, receive and give hugs and hear about my friends weeks. Our family goes to Sunday School too. It keeps the kids in touch with kids from school and gives them a another adult to hopefully give them some words that will sink through. In church as we start to sing no matter how heavy the heart when I go in I feel it starting to lift. Then the sermon. Sometimes he steps on my toes, some times he builds me up, sometimes he revs me up. Whatever happens, I leave feeling more focused, more ready for my week. If you don't have a place of worship yet, maybe now is a time to start looking. It can make such a difference in your life.


farm lady said...

Great post! I love Sundays too. Since it is Pastor Appreciation Month, I gave our pastor a card with some things listed that we really appreciate about him. He is a close friend of ours too and yes, sometimes he really comes down on us from the pulpit but I think we need it.

Rick said...

Glad you went to church. I'll mark you down as present.

Diet Pepsi? Nope. Dr. Pepper yes. Is that what you meant to write?