Saturday, October 18, 2008

Morning hope

I get up at 6 on Saturdays for a Multicultural class I am taking. This is the last one. I am sitting here with my cup of coffee ready for my day. Each day begins with new hope, a prayer, and some quiet time with God. Each day I can get up and think that today I will handle myself in the way I know I should. I will use kind words. I won't be quick to become angry. I will handle my kids in a loving manor. Some days I succeed for the most part, never fully. Some days I fail miserably. I cannot control the way other people talk to me. I cannot control the decisions they make. I can, however, be responsible for what I do and not blame the children.

But today is a new day. It is a good day to have hope.


familygregg said...

Oh, I thank the Lord for the hope He brings. Thanks for the encouragement.

It IS a NEW day.

Living Balanced said...

I'm focusing on keeping my thoughts positive. I slip here and there, but it is getting better.