Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wild Ride

It's a wild ride isn't it. I'm sitting here in my recliner feeling a little under the weather. I think the stress and hurrying caught up with me. I have a week and a half of this term left with 4 projects left to go. I have them divided into doable chunks so I can work on them each day and still only work on it when the kids are at school. I love that I can stay home to do that.

It has been a rough week with Taz. I am not sure how much I want to say but will say he set a fire some place. It was not in our home. No one was hurt. There was minor damage for which I am so thankful. He will be working shoveling mulch over fall break to make restitution for what damage there was. I am also taking him to the burn unit of a hospital. I was planning on doing this tomorrow but forgot he has a doctor's appointment. It will work for us to go next Weds. He needs to see how serious messing with fire can be. It would be easy to look at the situation and think "Oh this is hopeless. He is her child who is supposedly healed." He is healing. He has set backs. The difference is when he has one now I know it is temporary and something is wrong. He was in some trouble at school today. LOVE those calls from the principal. After school he finally opened up and shared what is troubling him. I will be working with him on this issue and hope I can help. Bear doesn't know. He continues with the "I was fine until I got in the car with you." type behavior after school. Thanks for the support. I may be spotty getting on here over the next couple of weeks. Between homework and getting Taz back on track it is going to be busy. Have a healing week.


Anonymous said...

Good point about the problem being temporary after healing and that there is something going on. Being healed means they are willing to share that with you now and work on it and then there is resolution. Before they are healed it just keeps festering and they are not letting you anywhere near the wound. There is never resolution, just a continuation of past pain.
Linda N

Brenda said...

I told him that now he is like a balloon. When he stuffs his feelings inside he fills up until he pops with anger. When he talks about it he is letting the air out. He just has to learn to start talking. Talking about his feelings is still hard for him.

ali said...

(((Brenda))) i am so so sorry. it stinks when they do crazy stuff, they are not very good at looking 10 minutes ahead. i am so gald hes ok, and anyone else who was there with him. jack set our bathroom on fire once. good times.... HUGS TO YOU!

Coffee Bean said...

Oh Sweetie! I will be keeping you in prayer and hope you are feeling better soon. I will also be praying for continued wisdom and grace... you've already got it you know.