Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

Yesterday during school the phone rang. It was Fish. He had trouble with a couple of quizzes. He just needed to talk to mom because he was feeling a little down. He is an excellent student and takes his grades very seriously. Having a child with RAD can be a little tough on mom's moral. It is nice when another child calls and lets me know hearing my voice can help. I do love being a mom to all my kids. It is good to get reminders now and then.

Taz could be a great student if he would apply even a tiny pinky of his brain power. I am amazed at his memory. After being told by teachers last night at parent teacher conferences that he needs to study for tests he did not bring home a book needed to study for a test tomorrow. I told him he needed to stay home this evening and he would not have TV. He was angry, pouted, and stomped around all evening. At bedtime I told him it was OK if he was angry with me. I love him too much too let him get by with not doing his work. I expect him to get good grades. If he felt he needed to punish me or get even with me for doing that it is fine. It would not stop me from loving him and doing the right thing. He was trying to look tough and angry. I could see his shoulders dropping and his eyes softening. He just can't keep RAD behavior and attitude for long any more no matter how he tries. I love healing. I have seen an angry, aggressive, defiant child heal from RAD. I know it is possible. I know this child loves me and enjoys me. (sometimes) I enjoy him too. As long as they are breathing there is hope.


Renee said...

I had the exact same talk with J tonight. Of course I get to have this one with her several times a week. So glad that Taz can't maintain the "raddiness" for long.

familygregg said...

We have similar growth. I am encouraged. He loves you.