Thursday, October 2, 2008

That's RAD

This morning in the car I told my boys the arrangements for after school. I have a seminar I have to attend for school in the late afternoon. I told Bear I would be back in time for Parent Teacher Conferences at the high school and would come pick him up. I've never taken him with me before but I know I am going to hear about some problems. I've found in the past when I come home and relay the information to him he just denies it all. So I want the teachers to tell him and it can be his job instead of mine. When I told him I'd pick him up when I got back to town his reaction was SOO RAD. "I hope you don't come during dinner." I told him if he was eating I would wait. How sad to still be so concerned your mom isn't going to let you eat. There isn't going to be food. No one can be trusted. Sometimes I get so angry with birth mom for what she put them through. But then that does no good and gives me a bad attitude. I have to forgive her and move on. The basis of RAD, why our kids have it, is so ugly.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is ugly and so hard to come to grips with as mom. But we do have to forgive them and give them to God and be thankful we have a chance to try to fix the mess, to try to teach these kiddos to love and be loved. It is a huge task. With God, all things are possible.
Linda N

Denise said...

I understand your frustration completely. I know how easy it is to wish things could have been different for your child, but like you said before: as long as they are breathing, there is hope. It's not fair that we have to pay the penalties of the birth mom, but unfortunately we do. Hang in there! You are a great mom!! As ugly as this illness is, you are a beautiful person to be investing as much as you are in the health and well being of the child/children you love. Stay strong and keep going - your love will prevail.