Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ideas for taking care of Mom

Moms cannot keep giving if her gas tank is empty. She needs to be refilled spiritually, physically and emotionally. Here are some of the ways I refill my emotional tank.


watch your favorite tv show in a room with the door shut
a long bath or shower
read a book
do your nails
give yourself a facial

Go out for a cup of coffee or soft drink with a friend or by yourself
See a matinee or dollar movie
rent a dvd that no one else in your house will watch but you love
buy a magazine and go to the park and read under a tree
join a group that shares an interest with you: a book club, Bible study, garden club, extension club, bridge club


facial at a spa
eat out with friends
go shopping and DON'T buy anything for the kids . Buy yourself a CD, perfume, outfit or new shoes!
Meet your husband for breakfast or lunch without the kids!

RETREATS: I Retreat Once a Month!
spend the night at a friends house
visit a family member over night
find a sitter for the kids and take hubby to another town and remember how to go out and have FUN.
get in touch with old friends and meet for a night or weekend
attend attachment conference with hubby
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Lisa said...

Excellent Brenda! Thanks for all the ideas!

Dinah said...

i'm tapped out right now. i don't know if i'll make it through the day.

saturday morning is all mine! i can't wait. how do i get from here to there?

Brenda said...

Some suggestions but first a big (((((hug)))))

Take mini breaks. Go in the bathroom shut the door and read a couple pages from a book,put a favorite CD on, any thing. call a friend for a couple of minutes. lots of mini breaks.

Divid your day into parts. Right now you need to be able to make it until mid afternoon. Structure the time and when you make it there celebrate. Dance around. Set another short time goal. You can make it one step at a time.

Sometimes I tell myself to take off my mom self and put on my professional self. I become very theraputic and really think things through. It helps keep me calm.


Tami Boesiger said...

Great suggestions, Brenda.

Denise said...

Wonderful ideas Brenda! Taking time for me is getting easier - and I make sure to enjoy every moment. :)

I saw your picture on the news last night! :) I love that photo and I am glad you shared it with others!!

Take care! Love ya, Denise