Friday, September 19, 2008

Politics and RAD

I guess I could say Politics and special interests. In reading many of the blogs I see there are people who are excited about Sara Palin because she has a downs syndrome baby. They said this would bring downs syndrome to the forefront and possibly lead to better funding. There are those who have mentioned McCain's daughter who was a foreign adoption. Of course there is the obvious that Obama has some African American heritage. Sarah is a woman. I'm wondering though in a time when our economy is shaky. There are some issues such as poverty, unemployment, hurricane recovery, Social Security. Then we could start on the foreign policies and the war. I'm not a very political person. I do think we need to be careful to think about the person for whom we are voting and how it will effect our whole world and not just our family. The election of supreme court judges is an important one for me. I hope you all are registered to vote, praying about and for your candidate and reading up. It really does matter.


Rachelle said...

Important words!

Renee said...

I so agree. I just read an article by a hunter that wanted Palin in just because she can field dress a moose. Such a strange requirement for a VP.