Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

We are having a soggy, rainy dreary week here in Nebraska. As tired as I get of the rain my thoughts and prayers are still very much in Haiti with the orphans there. And now it should be hitting Galveston. I'm sure they all would appreciate our prayers.

Now for our week!

Eagle: Is working on a major senior project and working hard.

Dancer: Is finding creative ways to get something she wants for college.

Fish: Has driven in heavy rain for the first time this week and done well.

Bear: Has completed some make up work at school and is getting along better with other students.

Taz: He is going with me on one of multiculture visits today.


familygregg said...

oldest boy: repented for a crappyy attitude, working hard & started college classes

next boy: repented for a crappy attitude, his video project was on MTV......and he auditioned for a commercial even though he was "nervous" & got it!

girlie: was a mother's helper for a family this week and did a great job

next: reading Tom Sawyer even though it's such a "confusing book with all the dialect"

next: writing love notes to her friends (practicing her alphabet letters)

Karen Deborah said...

halleluiah amen.