Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crossing the Bridge

As long as they are breathing there is hope. This is what our attachment therapist has said. As moms we can never lose hope for our children. I believe what we will hope for with each child will be different. For Bear it was the he would be able to work and take care of himself. It remains the same. With Taz when we went into attachment therapy our hope was to keep him from growing up and going to jail. Now that he has worked hard and made so much progress our hopes are for college and a happy productive life. I looked through old emails and is was during August of '07 he started making the real progress with Aug 29th being his biggest break through. That is the day he crossed the bridge. There is a story many in the attachment world use about a bridge. Mom is on one side waiting. She needs to stay there and wait. Jr is on the other end of the bridge. Jr needs to come across to mom. When mom goes across it scares Jr and he will blow up the bridge and mom will be hurt. Mom is much less likely to be so hurt if she stays on her own side of the bridge. I have friends who have told me to sit down in my lawn chair, read a magazine and drink a lemonade. So I see myself sitting there, legs crossed, slipper hanging from my toe, in my shorts and t shirt reading Ladies Home Journal and sipping a lemonade through a straw. Of course, it has to have one of those little umbrellas in it. There are many times I have felt a need to glue myself to the chair because at the first sign of progress I want to run to my child which indeed does cause them to blow up the bridge. My friend Rick at Organized Doodles drew the above illustration. Take a look at his blog.

Healing from RAD takes faith on the part of the child and the part of mom. Never, never, never quit.


Rick said...

Hey Brenda. the doodle look good here. I enjoyed your post. I have not lived with RAD, but you know in my job I get a chance to talk to some people that are. I will keep the illustration in mind. I just thought that I had a different "bridge illustration." I should have sent that one to you - it might have applied better. Oh well, take care and hang in there.

Brenda said...

Thanks Rick,
I think this one looks great. I printed it off for Bear.

Karen Deborah said...

that a be a big AMEN