Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

Well the Y idea was a bust. I had all 3 boys meet me at the Y after school. I went and swam laps. Bear refused to work out. He said he didn't want too. I'm not sure what he did but I am guessing just walked around and talked to people. I'll try the tramp on Monday!

BUT for positives this week:

TAZ: Has been very calm at home. He comes home. Sits down does his homework without prodding. Healing is possible. Healing is great!

FISH: Is doing all the driving to and from school. He seems to be doing well.

BEAR: Took my advice and is staying at of the hall in between classes which is where he was having trouble with his bully. He has always been a wanderer "I need to go to the bathroom. I need to go to the library" Anything to get out of class. This seems to have put an end to that.

DANCER: Is busy helping with freshman Welcome Week at her college.

EAGLE: Has made some mature decisions this week about dating and focusing on her Senior project coming up at college this Fall.

I'm off to college myself. Have a healing day!


Lisa said...

Wonderful positves!!!!

Karen Deborah said...


Emiley said...

Nice to hear some good stuff from your house today! :-)