Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

We had our first day of school so this is going to be easier than usual. It seems like we had a pretty eventful week.

Taz: Has been very calm and responsible about school starting.
Dancer: Has her car completely packed and ready to go back to college. She did all the work herself, except carrying it out.
Eagle: Called for advice and actually said out loud:"I call you for advice because you are always right." She is growing up. (I realize I'm not always right.)
Fish: Is inspired by the Olympics with his swimming and is ready to work very hard this year.
Bear: Seems to have done well on his first day of school.

This will be our first full week of school. I so look forward to falling into a routine. I start back tomorrow as well. Research in counseling is a little intimidating to my right brained mind but here we go.


Rick said...

Breeeendaaa!!! I posted your doodle!!

Brenda said...

oh my.

Rachelle said...

Good luck to all at school this week!! Here's too routines! (not for me though)