Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hurray for our Kids

Fish on the left, Bear in the middle by the bear in the middle, Taz on the right.
Time to praise my kids for this week. Feel free to praise your own.
Eagle: Was laid off due to down sizing at her bank and already found a new job which she begins Monday in the finance industry.
Dancer: Had her final day of her summer job yesterday. It was a tough job but she stuck it out.
Fish: Has been very kind and sympathetic to me when our other boys were not.
Bear: TOUGH WEEK.....Picked up 4 more job applications.
Taz: Has made some real efforts to turn his behavior around.
Have a great weekend. We are getting some much needed rain.YEAH.


Rick said...

That does sound like a great week. Congrat's to the whole bunch of you.

Renee said...

Let's see:

J did great in her last two games of softball, she listened to her coaches, improved her game and had FUN the last couple of games.

S, as always, was a great fan for her sisters.

A helped another team out that was short players and seemed to understand that we would be supporting J (who had spent the last 2 months practicing 3-5 times a week) over her if game times conflicted.