Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It is time to start thinking about school again. The school supplies are going on sale. I've started thinking about clothes. Our school starts August 14th. One month! My son with RAD had his IEP (Individual Education Plan) at the end of school last year. If your child is in special ed he/she has an annual IEP to decide how the last year went and make a plan for the coming year. The parents are included in this meeting. If you think your child could benefit from special ed whether because of academics or behavior you start by requesting testing. Our boys did fine on the testing but qualified for services as Other Health Impaired due to ADHD. Check out the rules for your state on line under the states education site. Bear also had a neuropscyh evaluation during the time of his IEP so there will need to be some revisions. I need to make a copy of the results of his evaluation, highlight areas where change is needed and get it to his case manager. I want to remind you there are several sites with information for teachers. I wouldn't bombard the teachers with more than they can read but some information is good. Those who are interested will read it. Here is some info for you.

http://www.attachmentdisordermaryland.com/school.htm If you click on "school" at the left there is also a link for behavior and for interventions.

http://www.attachmentdisorder.net/helpforteachers.htm If you scroll down a little there are several school related articles. If you click on "school" at the left there is a link for IEP ideas, alternative education, and an overview for teachers.

http://www.attachment.org/pages_teachers.php Nancy Thomas' site. On the left are a list of related articles.

Going back to school can provide new stresses. I feel I need to prepare. Each year I put the child's teacher's email addresses into my contact list. I put them under the child's name. If he will be gone from school on Weds for an appointment I can just type in his name and an email requesting homework goes out to all of his teachers. If he starts a new medication and I want them to watch for side effects I can do the same. This has saved me a lot of time.

I also work hard and building a positive relationship with the teachers. I try to present myself as being on their team. I am here to help my child learn and assist them in whatever ways I can as long as they keep me informed as to what needs to happen. School ultimately is our child's job though. They need to be responsible for their own homework, letting me know about supplies, etc. If they do not do them they must deal with the consequences. I refuse to force homework to be done. If they refuse to do it they will deal with it. I tell the teachers very nicely that I told them to do their homework but they would not. This is how life will be as an adult. Their boss will not beg, bribe or yell at them to do their work. They will do it or get fired. You may feel differently about homework but this is what works best for us. Otherwise it becomes a control issue and we have enough of those already. I will not further damage my relationship with our child over school work. For those of you who home school, I don't know enough about it to share tips but if you have any you would like to share with each other please leave comments for one another.


Christine said...

We homeschool. While I just had to my RADlings for about two months worth of school last year, we found that a VERY relaxed approach worked well.

I have been observing chore work this summer - things that are non-negotiable, to see what types of instruction they respond to, etc. I am keeping notes on how to apply that to schoolwork where they may struggle.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

I hate to be thinking about school again!

Rachelle said...

I agree, I don't want to think about school. We run away from the school supplies in Wal-Mart : )