Friday, July 25, 2008

One Big Whine

I have plantar warts on the ball of my foot and a small abrasion on my right cornea. Pthhhhhhhh. I hurt at both ends. It is really interfering with my working out which is how I control both stress and my weight! I am having the warts removed Tuesday. I went to the optometrist yesterday and have steroid drops. I'll have Arnold Schwarzenegger eyes. So there you have it. I feel whiny and you know how kids with RAD are when mom is down. At least mine. That is the time to go all out to see if she is still strong enough to be your mom. Sigh. I gave up and let him go to his room. And just so you know. Spell check has no suggestions to replace Pthhhhhhhhhhhh.


Karen Deborah said...

Oh dear, take something for pain and tell the boys to chill out.
Hope you feel better soon.

Simply Moms said...

That is a big time bummer. I feel your pain. My neck hurts constantly lately and there's that stabbing pain behind my left eye again. Haven't worked out in weeks and now I'm tempted to NEVER go back to the gym. RAD/SIN COMBO rearing it's ugly head downstairs at this very moment.....thankfully Dad's going to deal w/it...while I blog and add to the neck kinks. Have a great Saturday :)

Brenda said...

Simply Mom,

I have a bone spur in my neck. As long as I go to the chiropractor every couple of weeks it feels pretty good! Sounds like its time for mom to go for a massage to me!! (you, not me) I have a coupon from Beauty Brand for a massage for $38. I get to spend it as soon as I get under a certain number on the scale. I like rewarding myself.