Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Finding Support

One of the things that helps moms most is finding strong support. We have to look in a wide variety of places. First, for me, is in my faith. I believe in the power of prayer. I also appreciate those in my church and my church friends. They are with me fully and let me know that. They cannot give councel as to how to handle our kids. They can pray and let me know they care and they do that. Thanks ladies. Second is professional help. I do believe it has made a big difference for me. They give you a place to let out your deep feelings but they also help you find a balance. They think of ways to deal with your life friends are not trained to do. They add a balance of a nonemotionally involved outlook at things. Support groups are great. I know there is an adoptive support group that meets about an hour and a half from here. I have not had the opportunity to attend their meetings but no someone else who has and finds real understanding and wisdom there. Finding other moms who have adopted and are facing some of the same issues helps too. I meet regularly for coffee with one mom who has two daughters with RAD. We rarely give answers but always share about our week with no judgment. We give each other understanding. On line there are blogs and websites with information. I feel the more I understand about this disorder the better I can parent this child. Find your support. Search it out for yourself. A tree with long strong roots can withstand the storm.

P.S. Oh my goodness. I left out my hubby. He is my strongest supporter. He does not understand RAD to the extent I do. He knows that and so says "I don't get it but you do. What do we do?" He is always there with a hug and says to do what I need to in order to take care of myself. We take good care of our relationships with each other and because of this have grown closer through RAD rather than apart. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe I should talk about marriage tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Your blog has been a TREMENDOUS support to me -- thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to write every day. I look forward to it every day!!!!! You probably don't know it, but we have a cup of cyber coffee together every day! LOL



Brenda said...


Awww thanks. You are a blessing to me too. I'll think of you during my morning coffee next time.