Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

It is Saturday. Time to think of something positive from your week! I hope you can think of something. I tell you what if you absolutely cannot think of a positive thing your children have done this week then tell me something you or your spouse did for each other. If you are single something you did for someone else or they did for you! We need to lift each other up.

Oldest daughter (22) Told me last night she is coming home for a week at the end of June. YEAH.
Youngest daughter (19) Jump started her own car this week. Awesome girl!
Son without RAD (15) Had his entire week of swim team canceled due to flooding and excepted it graciously.
Son with RAD (15) Has his first job interview this afternoon.
Son healing from RAD (13) Did his brothers chores for him a couple of times without being asked.

Yeah for our kids!


Christine said...

I just found you. I'm a mom to five: one with Tourettes/OCD and two with attachment disorders.

This week:

My 11 year old destroyed something in a rage, but corrected what he broke once he was calm, and did it properly and accepted our love when we praised him!

My 10 year old (Tourettes) talked through her anger and sadness last night and calmed herself through her words!

On Monday, my 8 year old came back - after the fact - and told her sister the truth, in perfect detail and apologetically, about the lie she had told me earlier that day - in my presence so I could hear it!

Everyone smiled and laughed and hugged daily. Good week.

Brenda said...


Accepting praise is a tough thing for a child with RAD! Good job on his part! Welcome Christine!