Thursday, June 26, 2008

Emotional Eating

A friend of mine brought up the subject of weight and how it relates to RAD. Maybe some of you have this all figured out and are doing well. I am copying and pasting my story from my website for todays post.

"Our boys joined us almost 10 years ago. While I knew that adding 3 boys with "label's" attached would add to the stress of parenting . I had no idea how much.
As they grew and changed from hyperactive kindergartners and a preschooler to teens the difficult behaviors grew also, mainly in 2 of them, (age 15) and (age 12). We went through a list of psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, doctors, and psychologists. Each gave them a "label" of some sort or a new medication. All of these things only improved behavior for a short time or not at all.
During this time the stress of feeling that if only I did the right thing ' read the right book, found the right doctor, talked to the right person' I could fix them began to take its toll. I began to eat when stressed and over the next few years gained about 35 lb.
My husband and I went on a cruise. When the photos came back I was horrified and knew it was time to do something. I joined Weight Watchers and lost the 35 lb. There are many great programs out there and I am not suggesting this is the only way. I am saying that food is not our friend. It is fuel. It is here to give us energy and strength that is all. Eating emotionally lead me in a vicious circle. I would eat to feel better, gain weight, feel worse, eat.
Now when I am tired I look at my diet. Did I have the protein at lunch that I needed. Am I drinking enough water to keep from being dehydrated? Gaining control of emotional eating is a big battle for me. I still attend Weight Watcher meetings weekly or I fall back into this pattern again."

You know, nothing has changed for me and eating. We were going to therapy on my Weight Watchers night. Now that we are not going to therapy I have started back to Weight Watchers. I missed my friends there and I missed the support. When I am at a healthy weight and feeling physically strong I also feel emotionally stronger. I think I just don't wear out as fast. If this is a battle for you I hope you will find a plan that will work for you. I don't believe in diets and quick fixes. I think it has to be a life style change you can live with from this point on. I choose to live on Weight Watchers plan the rest of my life. It is the only way I can maintain my weight. I want to be healthy for my children, my husband and for myself. I feel better when I am. Also see: Weight Watchers (3)


Bren said...

The Eating 2 Live community has really helped me focus on this. I have lost 2 pounds a week for the last month.
I took the kids to the Psychiatrist yesterday. It was for a Concerta "check". She wanted to raise their dose, while my goal is to get them off. She has always pushed meds..."Seroquil is God's gift to man" Her quote. FINALLY she is promoting some natural things that 11 doctors in our area are promoting. I will get the web site for you. It has been dramatic in treating trauma patients. I am meting with a chemist and doctor next week to go over my kids history and pinpoint their needs. MAYBE I am getting close.....

Brenda said...


I would LOVE to know more about the herbals. Congrats on the weight loss.

Denise said...

I'm always so much more inspired to lose weight when I can hear someone else's story. Thanks so much for sharing! :)